I Have Big Big News!

has some.pngHi there!

You might have noticed that I have been missing in action for a few weeks now.  OK, it’s been more like a month at this point.  But I’ve been working on something pretty big (in-between working on the garden and sowing all the seeds), and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you all!

Nope, I’m not pregnant.  That ship hath sailed.

Nope, we’re not moving.  We’re here at the farm to stay.

Nope, no new dogs, and no other new animals – yet.

The big news is … I’ve made a new website!


HomeandHarrow teaser imageI’ve been working like a maniac behind the scenes, trying to learn coding, SEO, analytics and figuring out everything else that comes with managing an income-earning, self-hosted website.  I still have a lot (so much!) to do, but my hope is that you all will come with me and follow the journey from there.

Now, I know some of you (yeah, I’m talking about you, Jasper!) are probably wondering why I made a whole new website – a whole new brand – instead of just taking Sprout & Sprig to a new platform and converting it into a self-hosted site.  And the answer is simply that Sprout & Sprig started to feel confining.  Like I had painted myself into a very narrow niche.  Sprout & Sprig is a gardening blog, and I want to open my focus and talk about more than just gardening.

I want to write to and build a community of like-minded people; people who care about growing and eating good food, raising animals with compassion, supporting community, natural self and home care, and fostering a deeper, more sustainable and mindful connection with the Earth.

hh 2.pngSo, I started Home & Harrow. I tossed around a lot of name ideas, but ultimately settled on this one.  Home is where you live, and harrow simply means to prepare a field for planting.  I think it pretty much covers everything, from the fields to the farmhouse or the patio to the apartment.  Living well, wherever you are.

Our life journey is all about change, and so I’m embracing my evolution to this space.  My most fervent hope is that what I produce here, from my real-life homesteading dreams and travails, to my harvest recipes and natural home care, will inspire others in their own lives.  Will inspire you.

So please come, take look around, and subscribe if you like it.  I’ll be re-following all of you in the coming days, too.  And please give me any feedback you have.  It would mean a lot to me!

Yay for new adventures!



2 thoughts on “I Have Big Big News!

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Cool AND awesome! (see how I made that in the same rhythm as your two sites?) I love the new header and (duh) I’ll see you over there from here on out! Congrats! Redesign is fun…and I am looking forward to hearing more of your perspectives 🙂


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