IMG_4794You might say we’re crazy.

My name is Lacey, and my husband Jasper and I are the proud owners of a brand-new farmhouse and forty acres of farm and woodland to go with it.  Between my husband and I, we work somewhere in the range of 60-70 hours a week at our regular jobs, and that’s not counting our household chores, raising our two little girls and shuttling them wherever they need to go, and taking care of our animals (three dogs, two cats, and fifteen chickens).

We have our hands full, there’s no doubt about that.  We love our family, and we know our life together is blessed beyond measure.  But still, there’s something missing.  We’re not quite content with where we are and how we’re living.

We don’t just want our hands full, we want them dirty, too.

We want to reestablish the forty acres that the house sits on as a living, breathing farm, complete with large, organic gardens and a root cellar full of our own preserved foods – fruits, vegetables and meat – and to teach our daughters how to grow, harvest and preserve those things as well.  We want to build a barn and pastures with our own hands, sweat and tears and spend the rest of our lives there.  We want to bring new life to the fields, to the orchard, to the outbuildings, and to our own selves.  A life with mud on our boots, dirt under our fingernails, meat chickens, ducks, goats and a milk cow roaming fertile fields and good food in our bellies.  A life spent together, doing things that really matter, on forty acres of pure beautiful.

So yes, we’re a little crazy.  But we’re OK with that.  Because it’s going to be a crazy great adventure, guaranteed.